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Welcome to our USEFUL LINKS PAGE. The links that we share on this page, is to help you learn about the marine life and the laws that protect them in California. We also share links for great seafood recipes and other types of information. California has one of the largest seafood industries in the States and is of great value to the economy. Visit these links to learn more about Californian marine life and seafood.

Marine Life in California

The following links will take you to sites about what types of species you can find in California.

Regulations and Laws

These sites offer information about the laws and regulations about sea life, catching fish and other sea animals, etc.

Restoring and Protecting the Ocean

Seafood Seasons

Follow these links to find out what types of seafood is in season in California during which parts of the year.

Protecting Marine Life

California is very serious about protecting their marine life and has programs and regulations in place to do so.

California Seafood Council (CSC)

Links to information regarding the California Seafood Council, seafood suppliers, etc.,%20Councils,%20Associations.htm

When visiting these links, allow yourself to explore the other links and sites referred to. These links may take you to other websites where you can learn more or find out more detail about something that is of specific interest to you.

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