Welcome to the California Seafood Organization! California is a big marine life and seafood city. We have many different marine life species and aquariums to see them in action. We also have strict laws and regulations that guide the catching of sea creatures for food. California is the 5th largest seafood producing state and has a strong seafood industry. Californians are said to be the seafood lovers of America.

The purpose of this website is to educate our readers about the seafood resources that can be found in California. The seafood industry is very important for the economy and we aim to protect marine life as well as promote the social and economic benefits of the industry for fishermen, consumers, and related industries.

The California Seafood Organization was established in 1991 and has since successfully completed various protective and informative activities. The organization is supported by various fishermen, consumers, and buyers. It is our aim to make sure that people in California and the rest of America take better care of our marine life and make sure that our children will know the sea animals that we do.

We are passionate about protecting sea life and also about making sure that seafood is caught according to regulation.